Do something you enjoy.|Atlas子供(こども)マンツーマン英会話教室 札幌駅/大通・横浜・名古屋駅/栄・大阪梅田

Do something you enjoy.|Atlas子供(こども)マンツーマン英会話教室 札幌駅/大通・横浜・名古屋駅/栄・大阪梅田

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。Do something you enjoy.

You must love to learn English. You don't see it as work, but as play. To achieve this key is to do what excites you, but do it in English.

Do you have a passion for fishing, or fashion? The latest stock prices or the hottest music? What about your family or children? What gets you going? What’s the one thing that if taken away from your live would have the biggest influence on you?

Set a goal. How good do you want to be?

Without a goal, however hard you try you will never achieve anything. You need a decided, specific, written goal.

Maybe you have one already? Maybe you need a certain level of English for a promotion or pay rise? Maybe there is a special girl or boy you want to speak to in English? Maybe you have a study abroad or sightseeing trip coming up? Set that as your goal.

See yourself with that promotion, with that pay rise, with that boy or girl or talking effortlessly during that business meeting.

Set the goal, work every day towards it and you will achieve it.

What if you don't have a goal already?

Remember the previous point, talk about something you love in English. Imagine how long you could talk about your hobby or passion in Japanese.

Imagine you are in a room with like minded people, all eager to hear everything you know about your passion.

Now imagine the exact same scene, but this time you are talking just as much about your passion in English.

This is your new goal. However much you can talk in Japanese about your passion you can now do it in English.

See yourself in the future.

Or if you don't have a hobby or passion, try this idea. Close your eyes. See yourself in the future. You are fluent in English. You are talking to someone. Can you see? Who is this person? The president of United States? The CEO of your company? Movie star? Football or Baseball player? You are laughing and joking now.

You understand everything they say. They understand everything you say. You are having a thoroughly enjoyable time. You are speaking fluent English. Look in the mirror. This is you. Keep this image in mind; this is your new goal. Work every day to make it come true.

Realize that you can be good at English. Don't mind what other people think.