A little a day |Atlas子供(こども)マンツーマン英会話教室 札幌駅/大通・横浜・名古屋駅/栄・大阪梅田

A little a day |Atlas子供(こども)マンツーマン英会話教室 札幌駅/大通・横浜・名古屋駅/栄・大阪梅田

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A little a day.

Research in other countries shows that instead of a big study session once a week, a little everyday is much more effective.

Get in to a routine and don't allow your mind to forget what you have learnt. See every day as a chance to add something extra to your English potential.Make it a routine.

Like learning to play baseball or to ride a bike, or a little exercise, whatever you do every day, you get good at it.

Do a little English everyday and you will get good at it.

Listen to CDs in your car.

Get as many English Language CDs as you can. Listen to them all the time.

"But I'm too busy." you say, and I quite understand. That's why I recommend listening to them on your way to work or school, either in the car or on a portable music player. It's your time, use it. Do it every day and you'll soon see how much you can learn.

Remember, if you listen to lots of CDs every day, you'll get very good at listening. To get very good at speaking, make sure you speak out loud with the CDs.

Which do you want to be?

Someone who is good at listening to English? Or someone who is really good at both listening and speaking?

Be careful of Japanese English.

When you buy your books or CDs, buy lots of different CDs from lots of different companies.

The reason is that many CDs in Japan are written by people who don't speak English and hence they contain lots of mistakes, and lots of Japanese English.

Japanese English (Waseieigo) are words that sound English, but that native English speakers don't use and often can't understand.

Japanese English doesn't sound cool, so try and avoid it.

But if you buy lots of different CDs and books, you'll soon figure out which bits of English are real, and which are not.

Learn English that is cool, so that other people are so impressed they say “wow!” when they hear you speak.

Every step counts.

Realize that learning English everyday is like putting pennies in the bank.

Every time you save a few pennies, the amount in your account increases and increases. English is the same, every time you do even just a little bit it adds and adds to how good you are.

What if instead of 5 minutes every day you did 10 minutes? What about 30 minutes instead of 10 minutes? Every minute is a minute invested.

Think how those minutes of study are building up, penny by penny, minute by minute to make you a wonderful speaker of English.